Bowersock Mills & Power Company North Shore Hydroelectric Plant

The Bowersock Power Company has operated the first hydro electric power plant in the state of Kansas on the banks of the Kansas River in Lawrence since 1874. Bowersock currently provides up to 2.35 megawatts of renewable and non-polluting electrical power – enough to power nearly 1800 homes.

This project included construction of a new 6,000 SF hydro-electric generation facility located across the river from the existing facility, which boosted total energy production for both plants to between 6-7 megawatts.
The plant became integral to the existing dam structure and is essentially isolated from access to traditional utilities such as sanitary and storm sewer lines and fresh water supply.

Sabatini Architects developed design solutions that incorporated as many passive strategies as possible; daylight provides interior illumination via a large clerestory, operable windows and a stack ventilation strategy pulls cool air from the floodway up through the building to passive cooling and ventilation, a composting toilet creates compost from waste, and water from hand washing and plant maintenance is collected for reuse. The roof was constructed to incorporate solar panels to offset the plant’s own energy use. All of the design approaches attempt to create a nearly zero impact structure that consumes very little energy, and in turn, facilitates renewable energy production for generations to come.