St Louis University Residential Master Plan

With the increase of students and their changing needs, the SLU Residential Life Program has set out to transform the housing at Saint Louis University to create a place that more students can call home. The master plan involves developing three different housing types on campus - suites, apartments, and traditional rooms to make Saint Louis University an inviting place for new and prospective students and a place where upper classmen want to stay. Sabatini Architects had an instrumental role in visualizing the master plan.

The developments are phased to occur in three movements. The first movement is the development of suite style housing, aimed to increase and improve sophomore living and add a degree of independence. The second movement of the Residential Life Program will develop apartments on campus to provide upperclassmen the convenience of city living on campus as they work their way more and more into the world. The third movement of the Residential Life Program will re-invigorate the traditional dormitory style living by adding modern amenities and including common spaces to help students create those memories that will last them a lifetime and establish a vital community that is critical to personal success.