St John the Evangelist Catholic Church Master Plan

Sabatini Architects worked to develop a master plan that would provide space to bring the community together and accommodate the addition of grades 7th and 8th and every expanding activity at St. John’s. Proposed building expansions to the site include 5 traditional classrooms, a library, a biology lab, music room, theatre, an art room, religious education classrooms, a Parish hall below the new sanctuary, a new gymnasium between the existing church and school and new administrative offices. The master plan provides ample areas for teaching and community outreach.

Because of the building’s proximity to a historic park, the design team met with City planners and the Historic Resources Committee in addition to the St. John’s building committee to discuss options and challenges for an expansion of the building. Prior to planning, the team reviewed the structural, mechanical, electrical, and code integrity of the building to evaluate their reuse and long-term maintenance challenges. The high degree of integrity found in the existing structures allowed them to be incorporated into the master plan, which is driven by using the existing sanctuary as the narthex and chapel to the new sanctuary.