University of Kansas, Multidisciplinary Research Building Lab Remodel

Completed in 2006, the Multidisciplinary Research Building houses the bioinformatics program and components of bioanalytical chemistry, drug discovery, stable isotope geology and nanoscience. The facility was designed to encourage collaborative research in flexible space that can adapt to technological advances and changing needs of faculty and students.

In 2014, new research opportunities initiated the need to convert chemical lab space to facilities supporting biology studies. As part of its on-call contract with KU, Sabatini provided design services for lab renovations within the MRB.

The newly renovated spaces now house laboratory space for KU’s Macromolecule and Vaccine Stabilization Center, a leading biotechnology group dedicated to research of virus-like particles and bacterial cells for pharmaceutical use. Improvements to the spaces included removal of lab hoods, mechanical equipment, and a portion of benches. Also included were repairs to floor, ceiling and wall finishes.

The project required mechanical, electrical and plumbing design to provide connections for new lab equipment and accommodations for new lighting and technology upgrades.