Lawrence Public Library Space Reallocation Study

Prior to the Lawrence Public Library's improvement project, Sabatini Architects completed a report assessing existing building conditions and feasibility of a reallocation plan. The end goal was to devise a way to meet the executive director’s goals of better serving the Lawrence community, extending the useful life of the facility and reducing the library’s carbon footprint. The report outlined an action strategy with associated costs prioritized to identify critical building infrastructure replacement from service and operational efficiency improvements.

The top priority in the report included replacing the outdated and worn mechanical and electrical systems and retrofitting with new, energy efficient systems that would both reduce carbon emissions (an important goal of the library’s executive director), and save in energy costs.

The report proposed flexible strategies for reallocation that support forward-thinking, transformative library services; support to respond to library collection trends; and accommodation for evolving material formats and services. The reallocation plan enabled the library to accommodate more services within the existing building, with minimal construction, by more efficiently utilizing the existing space. It also provided opportunities for improved workflow in areas such as circulation.